Hadley Therapy LLP offers open-ended talking therapy in north London to help you with immediate problems as well as explore new possibilities in your life.

Situated in High Barnet near Hadley Common, Hadley therapy offers private counselling and psychotherapy. Fully qualified (BACP and BPC) psychotherapists are on hand to facilitate high quality talking therapy immediately to individuals who are unable to, or would rather not access public mental health services.

We Provide

An integrative psychotherapeutic approach with the emphasis on psychodynamic orientation.

A safe environment for you to express and make sense of your problems with a qualified psychotherapist.

An hour long initial consultation for you to decide whether you would like to commence.

We help people with

Psychodynamic therapy is the classic and longest established approach to counselling and psychotherapy. It can be applied to anyone trying to change behaviour and make sense of emotional difficulties. It seeks to offer explanation and understanding to the root cause of emotional disorder by way of accessing some of the unconscious processes that can control our lives without our knowledge or understanding.

Early experiences of infancy, childhood, family life, school life, adolescence and adulthood often serve to shape our held beliefs, thought processes, approaches and decision making. Depending on one’s own experiences, problems can arise in later life such as anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, often with no obvious explanation. Psychodynamic therapy seeks to explore every part of our life, unravelling the fixed ways of thinking that we can get stuck in causing either blocks or maladaptive behaviours. Psychodynamic Therapy seeks to offer more understanding of who we are and how we work, with the aim to give more control to the individual going forward.

Unlike more mainstream therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic therapy seeks to explore the individual experience at a deeper level. Psychodynamic therapy requires a firm commitment to once weekly open-ended therapy which is generally long term, however in some cases shorter term psychodynamic therapy can be effective.

Psychodynamic therapy is a safe, graduated voyage of self-discovery which aims to assist with immediate problems as well as facilitate you to understand more about your experience of life and who you are. By engaging in therapy you will understand more about how you connect and are perceived by others and how you behave and relate to other people across different situations. This explicit understanding will help unlock the cause of your presenting problem or problems.


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